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OSHA - NFPD Compliance

Safety laws change every year and regulations can be tricky.

These laws are in place to protect workers and customers alike, and update as we gain better understanding of our health and environmental impact.

We helped a small industrial facility get back up to OSHA standard after being visited by a state representative. Their violations ranged from missing signage to malfunctioning safety gear.

After the full report was issued, the company was facing over $300,000 in fines, not to mention hours of productivity lost as the small business scrambled to figure out how to become compliant, ultimately seeking help. Having an updated knowledge of the law and best practices set forth by OSHA and NFPD, we quickly and cost-effectively scheduled safety meetings, rectified missing safety education, and directed the maintenance and repair of equipment.

We had them operationally compliant in three days and 100% compliant in three short months with very affordable fixes.

If you have been visited by a representative of OSHA, or would like your business review pre-audit, contact us today to schedule a consultation and company walk-through.

Technical Project for a Photography Studio

A medium-sized product photography company was having a hard time integrating their three different offices and managing operations of their photography business.

We assisted them by planning and executing a review application to keep clients informed and allow them to provide feedback on the results of photography and post-processing of the photographs.

This involved bringing in project management tools and communication tools (Specifically Pivotal Tracker and Flowdock) to track and understand project status; communicating with diverse stakeholders in the business in order to determine the required features; implementing technical development practices like test driven development, continuous integration, operations management of servers, software, and databases; mentoring, training and coaching developers to make use of their full potential; and setting up the business with standards and practices to continue development in a long term sustainable way.

Following our guidance they've expanded technical operations to cover the majority of their workflow, providing clients with a seamless view into the entire process of managing product photography, from bringing items into the studio to delivering the final processed images.

Revenue has grown from seven figures annually tenfold, and the company as a whole has seen savings from efficient development practices and ongoing returns on their modest initial investment.

The ROI on our services was at least 300% in the first year alone, and has continued to deliver ongoing value based on that initial investment.

Fine Art Brokerage

Every part of the experience of a gallery contributes to a buyer's decision to commit to a potentially life changing piece of art. From the moment they set eyes on your display to their satisfied smile as they receive their artwork, they are on a psychological journey.

Partnering with a local media group, we have successfully curated more than ten fine art gallery spaces to accompany their music and performance entertainment events. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to precision, we have taken the gallery experience to the next level.

These gallery presentations must be efficient as they only hang from one to four nights, though it takes months of prior preparation to make it possible. Our shows commonly accommodated between 1,000 and 5,000 people, with sales ranging in the $15,000-$20,000 range per gallery. Art is coordinated and collected from all over the globe, stored, presented, sold and shipped with an emphasis on the human connection inherent in fine artwork.

We have worked in many excellent venues, from the Portland Art Museum, The Bossanova Ballroom, The Refuge, as well as various outdoor locations. No matter where, how or on what subject matter you wish to create a gallery, we can help you create an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience for years to come.



[...] Excellent at getting to the core of an issue, identifying suppressive forces and determining ways to remove them. We have seen an overall improvement in production and profit month over month for a over a year now without sacrificing our vision.

- Robert Irwin, Doran Automotive


Justin George

Principal, software developer, and process manager at the Alder Point Group.

Prides himself on a hands-on approach to understanding business needs, involving learning as much as possible about the business before attempting to reach any conclusions.

Over 10 years of small and medium business experience with startups, sole proprietorships, and multiple different subject areas.

Has led and mentored other business people, development staff, non-technical colleagues, and has helped managers understand technical and business process analysis results.

Personally sets standards of excellence for all work produced by the Alder Point Group.


Mary Rodarte

Director of Engineering for Alder Point Group. Consulting on a variety of innovative, research-driven solutions for human resources, business process and safety concerns in the workplace. Originally from a medical sciences background, Mary has followed her passion for procedural excellence across a variety of technological, creative and public relations roles at every level of business. Entrepreneurs and highly motivated management staff will enjoy working with Mary for her keen eye for detail and no-nonsense approach to efficiency.

Sarah Dunbar

Director of Accounting for Alder Point Group. Xero Advisor Certified. Sarah's background includes experience with corporate, tax and non-profit accounting, banking and credit analysis, as well as general business strategy. This diverse background allows Sarah to provide exemplary support in setting up bookkeeping systems, internal control systems, developing business plans, financial projections for capital investment seekers, and regulatory compliance for all types of businesses and entities. A thirst for knowledge and passion for serving others is what drives Sarah to provide customized solutions for her clients' financial and business needs.

Rachel Rosenberg

General Counsel for the Alder Point Group. Rachel is a passionate writer and fastidious lawyer whose talents and interests have earned her several awards and academic accolades. Personable and down to earth, Rachel enjoys connecting with her clients and fellow lawyers, creating lasting relationships that benefit the community at large. Since graduation and licensure, Rachel has focused her unique skill set on projects that require superlative English and legal skills. Specializing in assisting other lawyers with drafting and editing legal documents, doing research, and organization, Rachel is always up for a challenge. Currently, she is splitting her time between class-finding, investigation, garnishment review, and acting as General Counsel for the Alder Point Group.

Gabriela Tanaka

Account Manager for Alder Point Group. Gabriela has dedicated over 20 years to customer satisfaction. Her primary experience is in healthcare and bio-sciences production, routinely working on government projects. Using her strengths in assessing internal processes and creating standard operating procedures, she creates environments where client goals can not only be heard, but achieved. Her internal processes are bolstered by metric analysis and she suggests improvement to processes as needed. Gabriela has also spent 10 years in the dynamic environments of stage and event management. She is intimately aware that carefully constructed internal process are paramount to dealing with the ever-developing needs of live events.