Video Games Developers

Sometimes as developers, we end up feeling like our job is anything but actual development: Suddenly you're running sales, marketing, customer service, and doing your own taxes. As a video game developer, you need to balance multiple responsibilities core to your business:

  • Keeping your current apps up to date and bug free, handling customer service and requests for features
  • Developing new applications in a complete and methodical way
  • Marketing and selling your applications to keep your revenue flowing
  • Pricing your applications and keeping them relevant in the app store
  • Deciding what future projects to pursue and prototyping apps
  • Developing and maintaining the back end software and hardware that support your applications.

We can help with many of these problems, from advice on development process, evaluating and hiring customer service, marketing and branding, pricing, maintenance, and rapid prototyping so that you can focus on your competitive advantage: developing new content to deliver to your customers.

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