Fine Art Brokerage

As a fine art broker, you know that sales are a result of a positive journey with your prospective buyer. From the moment a person hears the name of your gallery, they are forming ideas about what message you are sharing. Their first look at your business might be online, and its crucial that you create the same atmosphere for them digitally as they would experience by physically visiting. Beyond a pleasant, thematic presentation, your potential clients need to feel at once comfortable with you and excited about your offering. Their first tour of your gallery should be free of visual and verbal distraction, allowing them to explore the story of your presentation for themselves. This precious time alone with the art allows them to start forming connections between the pieces and their own story. Often, you will notice when a person has a strong connection with a piece because they will linger, study it closely, or return to it after viewing the full gallery. While it is important to give your patrons space, if you notice deep interest in a piece, it is encouraged to provide any artist insights or history you have about the piece, so the story of the art may deepen in their mind. Engaging with the interested party about their story, and how this piece fits into it, is a key part of success. If a piece is a good fit, a person will want it in their life, for life. If a piece is not a good fit, they may tire of it, and come to distrust the concept of art purchasing. It is very important to build a trusting relationship with your buyers so they will seek your advice and suggestions on other art that may fit their story.

A top quality gallery with curation you can trust is the result of dedicated preparation and passionate excellence. Long before the first piece is shipped to your gallery, you have prepared sales contracts, handled intellectual property concerns, configured payment processing, and constructed an elegant display space. You have spent hours speaking with artists to understand their message, their offerings and the stories behind them. You use this knowledge to hone down the vast opportunities to a single set of images that tell the story you want to tell, and having gathered and displayed them, you are ready to engage with your audience. This audience will not only know you by your single galleries, but by the overall story told by your galleries across the life of your business. Start with us today to review your process and ensure your offering is the best it can be from the moment a client hears your name to the completion of a purchase.

We can help you with any size and duration of gallery business, across all types of artwork. From small weekend galleries to festivals to fine art museum displays, we are ready to take your offering to the next level. Contact us today to discuss your gallery offering and business process to improve performance and deepen your connection with your community.

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