Technical Project for a Photography Studio

A medium-sized product photography company was having a hard time integrating their three different offices and managing operations of their photography business.

We assisted them by planning and executing a review application to keep clients informed and allow them to provide feedback on the results of photography and post-processing of the photographs.

This involved bringing in project management tools and communication tools (Specifically Pivotal Tracker and Flowdock) to track and understand project status; communicating with diverse stakeholders in the business in order to determine the required features; implementing technical development practices like test driven development, continuous integration, operations management of servers, software, and databases; mentoring, training and coaching developers to make use of their full potential; and setting up the business with standards and practices to continue development in a long term sustainable way.

Following our guidance they've expanded technical operations to cover the majority of their workflow, providing clients with a seamless view into the entire process of managing product photography, from bringing items into the studio to delivering the final processed images.

Revenue has grown from seven figures annually tenfold, and the company as a whole has seen savings from efficient development practices and ongoing returns on their modest initial investment.

The ROI on our services was at least 300% in the first year alone, and has continued to deliver ongoing value based on that initial investment.

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