OSHA - NFPD Compliance

Safety laws change every year and regulations can be tricky.

These laws are in place to protect workers and customers alike, and update as we gain better understanding of our health and environmental impact.

We helped a small industrial facility get back up to OSHA standard after being visited by a state representative. Their violations ranged from missing signage to malfunctioning safety gear.

After the full report was issued, the company was facing over $300,000 in fines, not to mention hours of productivity lost as the small business scrambled to figure out how to become compliant, ultimately seeking help. Having an updated knowledge of the law and best practices set forth by OSHA and NFPD, we quickly and cost-effectively scheduled safety meetings, rectified missing safety education, and directed the maintenance and repair of equipment.

We had them operationally compliant in three days and 100% compliant in three short months with very affordable fixes.

If you have been visited by a representative of OSHA, or would like your business review pre-audit, contact us today to schedule a consultation and company walk-through.

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