Key elements of winery and vineyard websites

Talk about your wine first

Why do people come to your winery? It's the wine! Give it the front and center attention it deserves by making sure people know what you sell. You don't sell sweeping views or grape vines - make sure the first thing visitors see is your wine bottle and a lovely glass of your wine. A short description and a call out to get more information are easy to incorporate on the front page of your website. You'll sell more wine!

Focus on your goals

Where does your business make money? Is it bulk wine sales? Is it the event space? Is it the wine club? (You do have a monthly wine club subscription, right?)

Your site should focus on driving that business by making it easy and available. Measure the results you get from your site and use that feedback to improve it over time. If you're not getting measurable results, why are you paying to build and host it in the first place?

Keep it simple

Your website is about your business. Make sure that everything on it is relevant to that business. Every extra page you build is time, money, and attention lost, so make sure everything is on target.

If your main page has more than 4 options, you're losing visitors just to sheer confusion. Don't make people decide, solve their problems.

Here's an example list:

  1. Wine

  2. Weddings

  3. Directions

  4. Contact / Signup

Boom, you're addressing problems: What do you sell, how do I get there, can you tell me more?

Get in touch with your users

Speaking of telling them more... Staying in touch with your customers is one of the most valuable things you can do. Just occasionally emailing them with something short and useful will generate repeat sales and word of mouth.

Provide an easy sign up for marketing - newsletters, discounts, or event announcements are a great way to get people to engage and think of you when they think of wine.

On your contact page, you need ease of use. If you only have a phone number, or just a link to an email address, people will simply leave instead of hassling with it. Provide a simple form, and make sure you get their email address, front and center. You'll also want to immediately send them a thank you email. This makes sure they feel heard and also validates that email address so you can respond directly to their concerns.

Sell your event space

Many wineries break even on their wine sales and generate most of their profit through events. You'll want to extoll the virtues of your event space, and provide lots of photos and information about it. You can even make this a separate site entirely - that way you can focus on wine sales on one site and event management on the other.

You'll also want to make it quick and easy for people to enquire about booking - allow them to pick a date, see what is available, estimate an event size, and generate extra income from offering them catering or hosting services. If you can get them to imagine themselves at your venue and book a time, half of the job is already done.

Make sure it works on mobile

Many websites these days see more traffic from smartphones than from desktop computers. If your website doesn't function effectively and easily on the majority of smartphones, then you don't actually have a website for up to 80% of your visitors. Can you afford to walk away from 80% of your sales?

If you're still not sure, contact us and we'll do a free evaluation of your current website so you can see where you measure up.

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